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5D4N Dreams Of The Taj

Delhi, Agra, Jaipur

Travelling through India is about the sights and sounds. It is about taking in the smells and experiencing the emotions. India is about the people, the warmth of Indian hospitality and the genuine friendliness to guests. A Journey through India is about completely immersing your senses in the surroundings and letting the uniqueness of the country take over. A Journey through India is a life altering experience and a trip of a lifetime.

Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, Smell…. At every corner, at every step , on every day in India each one of your senses is touched by the most amazing array of colours, melodies of sounds, whiffs of fragrances, tanginess of cuisines and textures of fabrics. This is a country that is destined to change the way you travel and the way you look at life.

As we take you on this trip, you will not only experience the magnificence of our ancient civilizations with the mingling of modern cultures, but you will also immerse yourself in some very unique experiences designed to touch one of the specific senses that make our journey special.

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