Paket wisata domestik Bandung

Daftar paket tour dan wisata domestik di Bandung yang bisa Anda jelajahi

Bandung is the capital of West Java province in Indonesia Greater Bandung is the country's third-largest metropolitan with over 8.5 million inhabitants

Nicknamed Parijs van Java (Paris of Java) by the Dutch for its resemblance to Paris and European atmosphere back in colonial times, Bandung also earned another nickname as Kota Kembang, literally meaning the Flower City since Bandung used to have a lot of flowers.

Being located at the altitude of 768 m and surrounded by the lush and beautiful Parahyangan mountains makes the climate mild and pleasant. The city has been well known for its universities, fashionable clothing and as a great place for gastronomic adventure. Nowadays, Bandung has become a very popular weekend escape for Jakartans, who would crowd the city on weekends and national holidays.